• Did you know… you can’t taste food without saliva.
  • Did you know… it’s possible to get sick or even die from drinking too much water.
  • Did you know… liquid oxygen is blue.
  • ┬áDid you know… fish scales are a common lipstick ingredient.
  • Did you know… the average shot of espresso contains less caffeine than a typical cup of coffee.
  • Did you know… Coca Cola originally contained cocaine.
  • Did you know… lemons contain more sugar than strawberries, for the same mass.
  • Did you know… when you freeze saltwater or seawater slowly, you get freshwater ice. Icebergs are freshwater, too, although that is because they come from glaciers, which are made from freshwater (snow).
  • Did you know… if you exposed a glass of water to space, it would boil rather than freeze. However, the water vapor would crystallize into ice afterward.
  • Did you know… urine fluoresces or glows under ultraviolet light.
  • Did you know… pearls, bones and teeth will dissolve in vinegar, which contains weak acetic acid.
  • Did you know… Mars is red because its surface contains a lot of iron oxide or rust.Did you know… you’ve lost about 1% of your body’s water by the time you feel thirsty.
  • Did you know… you have chemo receptors or taste buds on the inside of your cheek as well as on your tongue.
  • Did you know… fresh egg will sink in fresh water. A stale egg will float.
  • Did you know… some lipstick contains lead acetate or sugar of lead. This toxic lead compound makes the lipstick taste sweet.
  • Did you know… urine fluoresces or glows under ultraviolet light..

Cool Chemistry fact!

chemistry fact you must know
  • The human body contains enough carbon to provide ‘lead’ (which is really graphite) for about 9,000 pencils.
  • Hydrofluoric acid is so corrosive that it will dissolve glass. Although it is corrosive, hydrofluoric acid is considered to be a ‘weak acid.
  • Approximately 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere was produced by the Amazon rainforest.
  • Bee stings are acidic while wasp stings are alkaline.

What has the game chess in common with biochemistry ?

Have you played chess with a child of 8 or 10 yrs ?? Never take your adversary for granted. The child makes a move and you cut his pawn immediately.His next move is to cut your horse or bishop which is open to be taken!

When a new drug is used against bacteria, the bacteria undergoes genetic changes which counteract the effect of the drug. The genetic changes take place even before the drug is used! The DUKE UNIVERSITY scientists developed a novel computer which predict the move of bacteria when the drug is used . The bacteria reacted just as predicted by their program. This is the first step to gain victory- to predict the move of adversary even before game has started. Is it Telepathy?

It has been demonstrated that the plants are very sensitive to the gardener treat them and their emotions.

what will be the effect if two or three drugs are applied simultaneously? well,it is for the scientists to apply the method for fighting other type bacteria also.

Research is an interesting game. This is challenge for us !!

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